Shopping for (the) dog

Living in the cold north with a short coated dog (better suited for mediterranean climate) means getting winter clothes for the dog (as well as the people).

This years new addition is a Hurtta outdoor summit parka. It’s supposed to be water resistant, and thus some protection against the wind as well… I got the pink edition..

Dog jacket

Hurtta summit parka

To go with it I got a new harness, Hurtta padded harness. Finding a harness that actually fits the shape of some dogs (ie: my dog) can be a challenge. Fingers crossed about this one

Padded pink harness

Padded pink harness

And finally I got a new leash (also from hurtta). This is reflective and 1.8m long. Surprisingly I didn’t get this one in pink, but green. Since I don’t like it when everything looks to matchy-matchy.

Reflective leash

Reflective leash

When it arrives in the mail I’ll try to convince/bribe Iria to do a modelling session ;)


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