New winter coat

On a walk, trying to get Iria to pose for a picture of her new coat (harness is underneath) and new leash.

Got a shake instead

Shake! Taking a walk in the (dark and cold) afternoon... #dog #dogwalking #dogwalk #nordnorge #norway #reflectivegear #refleks #hurtta

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We all make mistakes – Voss koften part 2

Slow but steady progress on the cardigan I’m working on. It’s a traditional norwegian pattern from the geographic area Voss.

Geeky fact about the name: The name in bokmål/the pamphlet from dalegarn is “Voss koften”. Sometimes you find it called “Vossakofta”, written in dialect/published by Husfliden. While the two version look similar, the latter is worked with a longer pattern repeat, with three square variations. While “Voss koften” has only two.

Knitting voss koften

Main body in progress. You can see the steek area running up the middle

I’m almost halfway done with the body. And it’s moving along faster and faster since my fingers are “learning” the pattern… while taking this picture I found a glaring mistake in the second pattern repeat. But I’m not going back to fix it, some small variations is a part of the charm of handmade…

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Shopping for (the) dog

Living in the cold north with a short coated dog (better suited for mediterranean climate) means getting winter clothes for the dog (as well as the people).

This years new addition is a Hurtta outdoor summit parka. It’s supposed to be water resistant, and thus some protection against the wind as well… I got the pink edition..

Dog jacket

Hurtta summit parka

To go with it I got a new harness, Hurtta padded harness. Finding a harness that actually fits the shape of some dogs (ie: my dog) can be a challenge. Fingers crossed about this one

Padded pink harness

Padded pink harness

And finally I got a new leash (also from hurtta). This is reflective and 1.8m long. Surprisingly I didn’t get this one in pink, but green. Since I don’t like it when everything looks to matchy-matchy.

Reflective leash

Reflective leash

When it arrives in the mail I’ll try to convince/bribe Iria to do a modelling session ;)


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