A walk in the snow

This year, the snow was late in coming.

Iria doesn’t know that, she has found the cold, foggy days and icy winter rain dreadful enough. When the snow arrived a few days ago, she walked around on three feet, switching which one didn’t have to touch the ground regularly…

The old man in the house, my parents Golden retriever (10¬†years old) sheds half of his years when the first snow falls, and gets really excited about long walks again. Provided that he gets to decide where we go… after he turned 8 he started sulking by doing a slow-as-molasses walk if we take a turn he disagrees with.

"Did someone say my name?"

“Did you say cookie?”-Figo

Today I took both dogs for their long walk, preparing to be surprised about where we would go and where Figo (the golden) might lead us. The answer: the forest. A great opportunity to let the dogs off lead and let them do their thing.


“Freeeeedom!” -Iria

Iria loves running, having quite a bit of sighthound in her, I would say that speed is her drug of choice. Pictures of her tend to either be off a brown blur, a speck in the distance, or her sleeping on the sofa, which she did after letting all her energy out in the forest. All in all, a great day.


Couch potato


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When I adopted my first dog

This gallery contains 10 photos.

In march 2013, I adopted Iria. In this post, I’m just going to post the pictures taken by the shelter and some very brief info. More will follow, possibly in minute detail. Living with any dog can be interesting, living … Continue reading

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Pocket espresso

The world is full of small wonders, look at what I found visiting Italy

Pocket espresso

Just the idea of being able to get your dosage of coffee (or caffe, when speaking to italians) if needed or desired is wonderful. But, in a country where you can get a decent espresso on any streetcorner, fast and cheap (with water a glass of water and sugar, as a normal part of the ritual) this seems strange to me.

But, the caffeine addict in me is extremly excited, and hoping to find this in Norway as well… I definitly see the market for it there ;)
Hm, maybe I should start importing it myself…?

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